” My religion is very simple, my religion is kindness ” ~ His Holiness Dalai Lama

Being born in the East in a religious family and then growing up in the West as an atheist have definitely given me a holistic view of life before beginning my spiritual journey. Spirituality can be seen in the light of 2 aspects; one having a proper faith in God with ritualistic prayers and chanting with utmost devotion and another way of spiritualism is to know the inner world to develop patience, kindness and healthy emotion.

As a student of science and atheist, Buddhism fits me the best since the notion of an external creator is rejected and every scriptures are subjected to logic and philosophy and can be rejected if the logic  under examination proves to be false. And who is there to prove it false? No one but us, but for that we need deep understanding of the nature of our own mind through studies, reflection and meditation.

I am very much influenced by His Holiness on his sheer amount of work to promote religious harmony and compassionate world and I strongly believe we all can contribute to the same cause, after all we all share the same mother earth.

It is not my journey or your journey, it is OUR journey.